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This Blog’s Telegram Channel


Some of you may be familiar with the telegram app which can be used on smartphones and computers.  Telegram provides the use of a channel feature to relay information to potentially large groups of people.  Subscribers to the channel cannot post to the channel but only read the messages posted.

We are trialing the use of the channel feature to see if it is beneficial to update people with new posts and any brief points which may not always make it to this site.

The link to the channel is:


Jaliyat al-Kadr Author





We were honoured to host Shaykh Khalid Turkestani from Mecca in the last few days of Ramadan.  An event he attended was a reading of the Jaliyat al-Kadr poem which he narrates from his teachers back to the author.  Alhumdulillah Manaqib productions have beautifully put together the translation of the text undertaken by Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Fredericks.

Before Shaykh Turkestani’s arrival he undertook some research on the authorship of the poem and was unable to locate a manuscript of the commentary on the text in the Bayt al-Mawlid al-Sharif due to refurbishments.

Shaykh Turkestani was finally able to locate the manuscript and sent me the following scans which indicate that the author of the poem is Imam Jafar bin Hasan al-Barzanji, the brother of the author of the original text.

The author of the commentary from which the scan is taken is Imam Jafar bin Ismail al-Barzanji.

Shaykh Turkestani requested that this information be conveyed to those interested, may God reward him for his efforts to locate this information.