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Thabat Shaykh al-Lahji

Thabat Sh Lahji


Please find via the link below the Thabat (Compilation of the chains of transmission in hadith) of the great recent Meccan scholar:  Shaykh Abdullah bin Saeed al-Lahji.

Shaykh al-Lahji is best known for his phenomenal four volume commentary on the Shamail which is a personal favourite of a number of scholars.  Further information on him can be found on this blog.

This document was kindly provided by Shaykh Khalid Turkestani who corrected this text by comparing his copy against the copy of Shaykh Ali al-Ahdal, who in turn corrected his copy with the author himself.

Thabat Sh Lahji

Aqidah Hasanah of Shah Waliullah


Please find attached in the link below (in red) a translation by a UK based Hanafi scholar and translator – Shaykh Tahir Kiani – of Sayyidi Shah Waliullah al-Dihlawi’s epistle on belief entitled Aqidah al-Hasanah.

Shaykh Tahir Kiani has also translated Mukhtasar al-Quduri and other valuable works which can be found on the marifah website.  We pray that he has continued tawfiq in his teaching and translation.

This translation was originally uploaded to the marifah site some time back, but was recently re-typeset by myself.  I hope readers find the new layout of the material to their liking.


Aqida Hasana V2