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Indo-Pak Culture & Hanbali Fiqh


Growing up we were taught to respect and honour the Quran. It was at university where I first encountered Muslims who questioned the basis of such forms of reverence and respect and whether they had a basis in the Quran and Sunnah. The end result was raising doubts in my mind that these were Indo-Pak cultural practices which were baseless innovations.

It transpires that these forms of reverence that we were taught – and by the grace of God still practice – were part and parcel of Sunni Islam, being in accordance with the Hanbali school!

Raising Hands in Dua After the Prayer – Hanbali School


An important principle of orthodox Sunni Islam is that we respect the four schools of law (Madhabs).

When matters of possible dispute arise – such as if something argued to be bidah or shirk – we examine what the fatwa positions of the four madhabs are on these issues. If we find that one of the madhab’s fatwa position is that the issue is NOT bidah nor shirk, we then know that there is leeway in the matter, and we cannot condemn others for the position they follow.

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