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August 31st, 2017 - 3:19 am § in al-Ahsa

Dua for the Day of Arafah

Salam This booklet is a combination of two works: Some virtues of the day of Arafah by Shaykh Abdullah bin Abi Bakr al-Mulla Supplications for the day of Arafah by Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla (starting on page 41 of the pdf). -Saleh  [...]

October 19th, 2016 - 8:41 pm § in al-Ahsa, Fiqh, Scholarship

Protected: The Beginner’s Gift Free Download

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.[...]

August 11th, 2015 - 10:37 pm § in al-Ahsa, Scholarship

Shaykh Abd al-Rahman al-Mulla

God have mercy on Sh Abd al-Rahman al-Mulla, (pictured here in the centre in a blue garment) who passed away on this day (27 Shawwal) in 2001 aged 98 years old. I believe there is a biography of his on this website, but to summarise he studied in his native Ahsa, Mecca and Madinah in […][...]

December 29th, 2014 - 9:41 am § in al-Ahsa, Sayyidi

Qasida Iqd al-Thamin

Salam Please find below a link to the poem entitled Iqd al-Thamin in praise of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) authored by Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla from al-Ahsa in present day Saudi Arabia. The poem appears to be on the same meter as the famous Qasida al-Burda (i.e. the same tunes[...]

August 25th, 2014 - 5:51 pm § in al-Ahsa, Scholarship

Sh Yahya al-Mulla in the UK Easter 2014

Salam This picture is taken from one of the senior most Hanafi scholars of the Arabian Gulf – Shaykh Yahya bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr al-Mulla – on his visit to the UK a few months back, where he taught Qawaid al-Fiqh according to the Hanafi school as well as other subjects including tran[...]