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Shaykh Abd al-Rahman al-Mulla


God have mercy on Sh Abd al-Rahman al-Mulla, (pictured here in the centre in a blue garment) who passed away on this day (27 Shawwal) in 2001 aged 98 years old. I believe there is a biography of his on this website, but to summarise he studied in his native Ahsa, Mecca and Madinah in his youth.

We are fortunate to narrate some musalsal hadith from him via his nephew Shaykh Yahya al-Mulla.


Qasida Iqd al-Thamin

Old Madina Pictures (3)


Please find below a link to the poem entitled Iqd al-Thamin in praise of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) authored by Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla from al-Ahsa in present day Saudi Arabia.

The poem appears to be on the same meter as the famous Qasida al-Burda (i.e. the same tunes used for the Burda can also be used for this poem) and consists of words of: praise of Allah (Most High); lofty attributes and qualities of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and supplication.

We received this poem from a scholarly descendant of the author in a gathering the month of Rabi al-Awwal a couple of years ago.  He in turn had received it from the scholars of his family going back to the author himself.

The audio recording is of a small group of Saudi Munshids reciting the poem and may be useful to those who would like to review the wording of the poem.



Qasida Iqd al-Thamin PDF

Dua Khatam al-Quran (Donating Reward to the Deceased)


Those in the UK from an Indo-Pak background will be familiar with the Khatam al-Quran events where the family hosting at times have to “hire” the local Hafiz sahib or Imam to attend towards the end of the gathering so that the reward of the recital can be rewarded to the soul of the deceased.  How prevalent the “hiring” of above mentioned figures is I do not know, but it is of concern to me that families seem totally unprepared regarding how to go through the “ritual” of donating reward of recitation.  What should be clear is that it is something which in essence a very simple matter and does not require the service of experts to conduct the service.

With that in mind I was happy to find a number of texts authored by scholars of traditional Islam under the genre of Dua Khatam al-Quran, which consist of prayers both for the donation of recitation to a particular deceased person and generic comprehensive prayers regarding good in this world and the next.  In the document below you will find the following:

1. Prayers relating to donating the recitation of the Quran to the deceased from the works of: Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla and Shaykh Abdullah al-Khatib al-Jafari, both hailing from the city of al-Ahsa.

2. An inclusion of a few comprehensive prayers from the above mentioned texts which are not related to donating reward, but rather asking for goodness in this world and the next.

3. Inclusion of the Arabic text of the prayers which were available to me at the time of translation.  It is clear that the Arabic text is need of revision and tidying up,  InshAllah when this happens we will accordingly update the attached file.

4. This text can still be read for any donation of reward of recital, even if a complete Khatam al-Quran has not taken place.  A very slight change in the wording at the beginning might be needed though.

5.  The translation was undertaken in haste in order for recitation at a gathering of Khatam al-Quran in Ramadan.  It is hoped that it will be reviewed in the near future inshAllah.

6.  The Quranic verses at the beginning were included by the authors due to their immense virtue and have been included here.  The prayers have been translated in to English, and readers have the option of just reading the translation of the prayers in gathering should they so wish.

7.  Being that the time of the Khatam al-Quran is also a blessed time where supplications are accepted, readers might also wish to combine the prayer linked below with the text Beneficial Prayers of Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla which can be found on this site.

It is hoped that the text linked to below (in red) will enable people to donate reward of recital to the deceased with ease and peace of mind, whether individually in private or in gatherings.


Dua Khatam al-Quran


Reminder of Rihla 1997

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Today I cam across this picture of Sayyid Ibrahim al-Khalifah (Allah Most High protect him) from al-Ahsa returning back to Saudi Arabia after his reading of Sahih Muslim with students in Turkey.  To his right is visible his Shaykh Abdullah al-Khatib along with a number of his colleagues.

Shaykh Abdullah al-Khatib is remembered by many students who attended the month long Rihla course in Nottingham in 1997 where the teaching line up consisted of Shaykh Nuh Keller, Shaykh Abdullah al-Kadi, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykha Besa Krasniqi and some other supporting staff.

Shaykh Abdullah’s voice is still etched in the memories of many students, and we pray that we can once again benefit from his recitation of the Quran and rendition of Qasaid in the near future on the British Isles.

Side note:  Sayyid Ibrahim al-Khalifah mashAllah has a strong circle of students in his native al-Ahsa, a number of whom are young upcoming scholars in their own right.  His circle of students are very active in teaching the Shariah sciences with a focus on the school of Imam al-Shafii.  I was fortunate enough to attend the opening lesson of the reading of Sahih al-Bukhari in 2007 in al-Ahsa which was attended by a large number of his Ahsai students.






Beneficial Prayers (Selections from Hizb al-Azam)


Please find a link below to a text entitled Beneficial Prayers, which was compiled by Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Mulla from Mulla Ali al-Qari’s Al-Hizb al-Azam.

It was the habit of the compiler to recite these prayers in the middle of the night when he would awaken to worship.  We are presenting this Beneficial Prayers draft translation here at this time for gathering of Mid Shaban for those who might wish to take benefit from the text.  As pointed out the text is in need of significant revision, but is inshAllah useable.


 Beneficial Prayers

Musalsal Hadith Text in English

Safahat Cover


Please find uploaded below (at the end of the post) a brief text on Musalsal hadith which was compiled for the recent visit of Shaykh Yahya bin Muhammad al-Mulla.  I believe it is the first text of its kind in the English language, and we pray to Allah Most High for the ability to translate further on this topic to enable students in the West to be able to linked to this academic legacy left behind by our ulema.

Readers will find the following in the text:

  1. A very simplified diagram of some chains of transmission of Shaykh Yahya al-Mulla
  2. A selection of Musalsal hadith selected from the works Ithaf al-Ikhwan and Al-Ujalah (which Shaykh Yahya read with his teachers)
  3. The Arabic text and translation of the whole chain and hadith
  4. A discussion on the narrations presented taken from a number of sources
  5. A sample ijazah to be signed for scholars or competent students of knowledge who might meet the Shaykh


Safahat 1.2

The Book of Fasting (Ithaf al-Talib)

ithaf talib fasting


With Ramadan approaching I thought it might be useful to upload a document I worked on back in 2009.  Please find a link to the excellent beginners text on Hanafi fiqh entitled Ithaf al-Talib along with its commentary Minhaj al-Raghib.  There are selections of this text on this site in a draft form, however I believe Shaykh Zaqir Adam from the Dar al-Arqam organisation in Leicester is working on a comprehensive translation of this text.

Book Of Fasting- Gift For Seeker v3