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A Hanafi Masjid In Saudi Arabia


This is the masjid of Sh Abu Bakr al-Mulla which is a few hundred years old (mashallah). Sheikh Faruq al-Mulla who is hanafi in terms of his fiqh is its current Imam. Sheikh Muhammad al-Mulla I am told would have a lesson on tajwid/Quran recitation in the evenings here between the maghrib and isha prayers, they would spread out the mats in the courtyard, and everyone, common person and scholars alike would come and recite.



Ramadan in Madina the illuminated

Im pretty sure I took this picture in Ramadan. Mashallah it was an excellent way to spend the last week of Ramadan, i was walking down the street outside Masjid al-Nabawi al-Sharif and literally bumped in to Sheikh Ihsan from Turkey, I spent 2 weeks with him nearly 4 years ago in his village and in Istanbul, i gave him the longest hug i remember giving anyone in my life 🙂

Madrassa Shahlubiyyah – Hofuf – al-Ahsa

Yes the Hanafi madhab does exist in Saudi Arabia. Here is a picture of the renovated shahlubiyyah madrassa located in the al-Koot area of Hofuf. I will try to post some more information about the history and age of this school. Regular lessons still take place here in the evenings, books such as al-Hidayah and Mukhtasar al-Quduri are currently being studied. There are also lessons teaching other smaller works on the Hanafi madhab. Sheikh Yahya al-Mulla along with some other Sheikhs from the al-Mulla family teach here.