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Creed- Gift for the Seeker

From the Ithaf al-Talib by Imam Abu Bakr al-Mulla
“In the name of Allah the most Beneficient the most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, and Salutations and Blessings upon our Master the Messenger of Allah. To proceed: This is a Mukhtasar on fiqh according to the madhab of the greatest Imam: Abu Hanifah (may Allah the exalted have mercy upon him) which the legally responsible person cannot do without if unable to study that which is more detailed than it.
I have summarized it from the books of our companions when I saw that there was a need for it. I have named it Ithaf al-Talib. I ask Allah glorified be He to benefit by it all those desirous [of seeking knowledge and teaching]
Introduction: The Correct Belief: It is to know that Allah is: Existent and is necessarily existent, beginningless, everlasting, one, self sufficient, dissimilar to created things.
From His attributes are: Life, knowledge, power, will, hearing, seeing, speech His essence does not resemble other essences and His attributes do not resemble other attributes.
He is free from attributes of deficiency, nothing is incumbent upon Him Qadr, the good and the evil is from Him.
He the Exalted sent His Messengers and revealed to them Books and divinely protected them from sins.
The Angels are servants of Allah and are not attributed with sin.
The miracles of the Saints are true.
Death is according to lifespan.
Committing major sins does not remove one from faith/belief.”

Its All About Sincerity

Imam Zaid Shakir recently said “Its all about sincerity”, invaluable advice for all of us working in the “Islamic Scene”.

A quote from Sheikh Ibrahim bin Hasan al-Mulla, as quoted by another great scholar of the al-Mulla family, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Mulla in Minhaj al-Raghib p.37:

When action is of no benefit without sincerity, one of the actions being seeking knowledge. It is not befitting for a sane person to waste his life in action which does not benefit. Therefore he should strive to purify his intention of seeking knowledge for Allah Taala. This is by the student intending by his seeking of knowledge the pleasure of Allah Taala, the next world, removal of ignorance which the sacred law and intellect hold to be repugnant from himself and all those who are ignorant. He should also intend the revival of the religion and preserving of Islam, for the preservation of Islam is by means of knowledge.

Taqwa, worship and travelling to Allah taala is not correct when ignorant due to that which is related in some reports that: ignorance is closer to disbelief (kufr) than the whiteness of the eye is to the black. We ask Him (Glorified be He) to guide us to the path leading to Him, and to bless us to travel towards Him in the manner that He is pleased with, by means of His generosity and kindness.