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Shaykh Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir al-Talidi

d8a7d984d8b4d98ad8ae-d8a7d984d8aad984d98ad8afd98a-d8a8d985d983d8aad8a8d8aad987d8a7d984d8aad984d98ad8afd98aSalam.  Please find below a brief biography for Shaykh Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir al-Talidi who currently resides in Tangiers in Morrocco.  As mentioned previously he is described by some as a ‘Salafi Sufi’, mainly due perhaps to his not following strictly following a madhab in fiqh (he has written his own fiqh matn which is not linked to any madhab).  At the same time he is a Shaykh of the Shadhili order and believes in the permissibility of tawassul, the concept of bidah hasanah etc. Jazakhallah khair to Sidi Faruq Uslu for the pictures of Shaykh al-Talidi.

He is the one needy of his Lord, Abu Muhammad and Abu Futuh, Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir bin Muhammad al-Talidi.

He traces his lineage to Sayyidi Abdullah Ibn Mawla Idris who is buried in Fes, the son of Mawlana Idris the conqueror of the Maghrib, son of Mawlana Abdullah al-Kamil, son of Mawlana al-Hasan al-Muthanna, son of Mawlana al-Hasan al-Sibt, the son of Imam Ali and Mawlatana Fatima al-Zahra, the daughter of the Master of the worlds, Salutations and Blessings be upon Them. Continue reading