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Purification Methods in the Hanafi School

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Please find attached a diagram which was put together for a fiqh class which was hosted by one of the student societies at SOAS this year.   The rulings were taken from the book Al-Mishkat authored by Dr. Salah Abul-Hajj.  Note:  The ruling related to the large rug can be found in works such as Sharh al-Wiqayah and Fath Bab al-Inayah.


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Bayquniyyah Commentary Release

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bayquniyyah cover


We have for some time been working on and off on a project related the beginners text in hadith terminology entitled the Bayquniyyah.  This brief poem is popularly studied in the Arab world as an introductory text to this science.  It was therefore thought appropriate that it should be presented in an accessible format for English speaking audiences who may wish to improve their knowledge of this field of learning.

This book is now with the Tawfiq of Allah Most High in its final stages and comprises of the following parts:

Part 1.  A translation of the poem with explanatory notes selected from the commentary of the recent great Meccan hadith scholar:  Shaykh Hasan al-Mashat.

Part 2. Verses of the poem presented with detailed explanatory notes and diagrams.  Popular commentaries on the poem were consulted and quoted from, but particular care was taken to refer to the manual of Shaykh Nur al-Din Itr entitled Manhaj al-Naqd.  The diagrams were created by the compiler of this work and will inshAllah help to simplify the concepts presented in the poem.

Part 3.  A brief extract from the Risalah al-Mustatrifah of Shaykh Muhammad bin Jafar al-Kattani regarding the important books of hadith a student should be familiar with.

Those interested in further details regarding this project can contact:


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Khatam Gathering of Fiqh Book (London)

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Alhumdulillah we are pleased to announce that we will inshAllah be completing the reading of the text in Hanafi fiqh (entitled The Beginner’s Gift) which we started studying back in November 2014.  We intend in this final lesson to read the final few pages of the book with a brief explanation.   In addition to this we plan to do something which is quite rare on university campuses, namely  narrate to students the following pattern chained narrations (musalsalat):

  1. Hadith of Mercy
  2. Narration of Passing the Prayer Beads (Subha)
  3. Hadith of the Handshake of Anas
  4. Hadith of the recitation of the Fatiha
  5. Hadith of Love
  6. Hadith of Physical Sighting

Date: Wednesday 11th of March 2015

Location: SOAS Room 273

Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm

A pdf for those serious about receiving the Musalsal hadith will be available by emailing beforehand. The pdf will inshAllah be mailed out at the latest by Tuesday evening.  These series of circles were organised with the assistance of Turath Publishing to whom we are grateful.

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