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A Summary of the Shamail

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By the grace and facilitation of God we are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of a unique summary of the Shamail al-Tirmidhi by the great Moroccan scholar Shaykh Abd al-Hayy al-Kattani. The author of this summary brilliantly summarises the contents of each chapter in a succinct form and whilst doing so adds any interesting points as a side note for readers.

This book will be a full translation of the text inclusive of all of Shaykh Kattani’s comments placed as footnotes. This work will also inshAllah have for the first time for an Islamic text in the English language the inclusion of a footnote to a footnote which is possible via the use of the latex typesetting language. Readers can see a demonstration of it use in the above image with the lettered footnote.

This text is an excellent introduction to the study of the Shamail, and also serves as a preparatory text for the reading of the original Shamail al-Tirmidhi.

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Reading of Jaliyat al-Kadr with Isnad

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The picture above is of a blessed gathering which took place in the Midlands in the month of Ramadan wherein the Jaliyat al-Kadr regarding the martyrs of Badr was recited with a chain of transmission back to its author.

Visible in the picture is our teacher Shaykh Khalid Turkestani from Mecca who was visiting us for a few days in the UK and agreed to read this poem with us with his chain of transmission.

Shaykh Turkestani narrates this poem via his teacher Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki by way of recital and also possesses other chains back to the author by way of ijazah from his teacher Shaykh Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani.

JazakAllah Khair to the Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation for organising this trip for Shaykh Turkestani, the Olton project for being generous hosts for this event and Manaqib productions for their translation and publication of the Jaliyat al-Kadr and facilitating the reading from the idea of its inception to its completion.


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Dua for First Ten Days Dhul Hijjah

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I came across the following dua for the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah that a Meccan scholar from 100 years ago presented in his work and highlighted as something to be recited if unable to read all of the different azkar for these ten days.

It is related from the Prophet (God bless him and give him peace) as collected by Imam Tabarani that he said,

Whoever recites in the ten days of Dhul Hijjah ten times

La Ilaha Illalahu adada duhuri

La ilaha illalahu adada amwajil buhuri

La ilaha illalahu adada-nabati wa-shajari

La ilaha illalahu adadal qatri wal matari

La ilaha illalahu adada lamhil uyun

La ilaha illalahu khayrun mimma yajmaun

La ilaha illalahu min yawmina hadha ila yawmi yunfakhu fissuri

Will be forgiven for their previous and future sins
Reference Kanz al-Najah wal-Surur
Abd al-Hamid Quds al-Makki al-Shafi
Teacher in the Sacred Mosque in Mecca d.1335.





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