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Sheikh Muhammad Ali al-Sabuni, a contemporary Mufassir

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I have on the shelf to the right of me the second volume of a tafsir by Sheikh al-Sabuni on the the legal rulings derived from the Quran, the sheikh as far as i am aware is from Syria, and currently teaches in Makkah. He has other works on tafsir, the most well known being his ‘Safwat al-Tafasir‘ in 3 volumes (if i recall correctly). I came across a copy of this work in a Slough bookshop, I asked the price to be told it was 90 pounds! not surprisingly i declined this offer, the lady then went down to 45 pounds.
Getting back to Sheikh al-Sabuni, from what I have heard, he is a murid of Sheikh Mahmud Effendi in Istanbul, and spends some months of the year in Turkey. May Allah (Most High) facilitate meeting him and sitting in his company to draw from the baraka of the years he has spent studying the Quran. Amin

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A Dars of the Shamail

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A dars of the Shamail in the madrassa of the late Sheikh Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki in Makkah, may Allah (Most High) envelop him in His mercy.

The picture was taken in the private Madrassah of the Sheikh located in his home in Makkah.

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ahlabkum wa sahlabkum

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Asslamu Alaikum

I have seen so many others with blogs, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! One of life comforts is to sit down with a warm mug of tea and some nice biscuits and read a good book. I read a bit a bit about the deen in Arabic so I thought I would set up this blog to share with you occasionally some gems that I regularly come across.  Also hopefully increasing other peoples desire to learn Arabic as well and access this immense ocean that is within all our grasps.

I decided to call it Dar al-Hadith in honour of the great tradition of transmitting the Prophet Sunnah that has been carried out by Islamic institutions across the world, some of which were called Dar al-Hadith. This is also because I have an interest in the hadith sciences which is reflected in my reading, may Allah (Most High) facilitate the study of the Prophetic Sunnah at the feet of the inheritors of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). Amin.

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