Year: 2008

Seal of Prophethood

Salam I came across the wonderful commentary of Imam al-Jazari’s poem on the sirah called ‘Dhat al-Shifa’, the commentary being by Allamah Muhammad bin al-Haaj Hasan al-Aalaani al-Kurdi (d.1189) from the village of ‘Sanjawi’ in the district of Sehdeshat in Iranian Kurdistan.  It is full of many useful benefits, the following is one. Allamah al-Kurdi …

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Burda From The Hijaz

Salam Looking through some of the old audio’s I still have (alhumdulilah), I found the following heartwarming rendition of a chapter of the burda from a gathering in the Hijaz.  I was given the file by some Hijazi students studying at University in the Eastern Province of Saudia Arabia. Wassalam Hijazi Burda