Anfas al-Arifin: Relief From Pain


A brother from the States kindly painstakingly scanned and sent me a copy of what could perhaps be described as Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi’s wonderful spiritual biography of his father entitled ‘Anfas al-Arifin’.  It was originally written in Persian and then translated into Urdu (may Allah تعالى reward the person who helped me with some of the passages).  I found the following story of interest, especially as the name Karima holds some personal interest to me.   Shah Waliullah mentions on (pg.115-116) quoting from his father:

He said:  My shaheed father after his martyrdom would sometimes manifest in an outward bodily form and would visit me and inform me of current and future events.  My master and respected brother’s daughter Karima fell ill.  Her illness lasted for a long time.  During those days I was all alone sleeping in my chamber when my shaheed father suddenly came and said:  “I want to have a glimpse of Karima but at this moment in the house there are many other un related women present, going there in their presence is is dislikeable to me.  You move these un related women to the side so that I may see Karima”.

Because at that time shifting the women was not feasible (maslahat) I hung a curtain between them and Karima.  After this he manifested in such a way that other than me and Karima no one saw him.

Karima recognised him and said:  “It is a strange thing that people call him shaheed when he is alive”.

He said: “Leave this matter! You have endured much pain during your illness, Allah willing tomorrow morning at the time of the call to prayer (adhan) you will achieve complete relief”.  Saying this he got up and left via the door.  I also went after him, he said:  “You stay!” and then he disappeared.

The next day at the time of the Adhan of Fajr Karima’s soul departed and she attained relief from every kind of pain.

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