Hanbali Fiqh of Prayer

This 10 week course will involve the study of the fiqh of prayer from the perspective of the school of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. The text to be used will be: Akhsar al-Mukhtasarat of Imam Ibn Balban (d.1083 Hijri).

The topics covered in this course will be:

  1. Prayer Times
  2. The Call to Prayer (Adhan)
  3. Conditions for the Validity of Prayer
  4. Description of the Prayer
  5. The Essential & Obligatory Elements
  6. The Prostration of Forgetfulness
  7. Voluntary Prayers
  8. Times Wherein Prayer is Prohibited
  9. Congregational Prayer
  10. Imams
  11. People Who Have Excuses
  12. Travel & Peril
  13. Friday Prayer
  14. Eid Prayer
  15. Eclipse & Drought Prayer
  16. Sickness & Death
  17. Washing & Shrouding the Deceased
  18. The Funeral Prayer
  19. Carrying & Burying the Deceased

For further information please refer to the FAQ above.

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No! this course is for anyone who is interested in learning about the school of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in its true authentic form. If you are planning to learn the rulings from the course to practice then even better. We will cover the material in sufficient detail to allow you to offer your prayer according to the school.
Yes, we have created a workbook with the translation of the rulings pf prayer along with a space for learners to type their notes via a laptop computer. This workbook will only be available for those learners who have purchased a copy of the translation of Akhsar al-Mukhtasarat by Shaykh Musa Furber, this is because our workbook is based on his translation.
We are closely monitoring the situation as it develops, all classes will be broadcast online. This course is being offered in partnership with the Karima Foundation, and we may have - health regulations permitting - an in person class in High Wycombe at Karima premises.

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