Defended In A Dream

Imam al-Dhahabi said in his biography of Hafidh Abd al-Ghani in ‘al-Siyar’ (21/443-471):
Al-Diya said: I heard al-Sheikh al-Salih Ghushaim bin Nasir al-Misri say: When al-Hafidh died I was in Makkah, When I came I said: Where is he buried? It was said: To the east of al-Shafi’s grave. I went out, and I met a man, I said: Where is the grave of Abd al-Ghani? He said: Do not ask me regarding him, I am not on his madhab, nor do I love him, so I left him and walked and came to al-Hafidh’s grave, and I would go back to visit it.
One of the days I was in the street that a man gave his greeting to me and said: Do you not recognise me? I am the person you met a while back and I said such and such to you, that night I saw a dream where a person was saying to me: So and so -and he named me- says to you: Where is the grave of Abd al-Ghani? and you said what you said?! and he repeated the statement to me, and then said: If Allah wishes good for you then you will be upon that which he is upon. He then said: If I had known your residence I would have come to you’.
From ‘al-Fawaid al-Gharra’ (3/523)


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