Forthcoming Release: Tuhfat al-Mubtadi (The Beginners Gift)


The above is a draft cover design for the forthcoming publication of the classical beginners text in Hanafi fiqh entitled T’uhfat al-Mubtadi’.

The text was authored for beginners setting out in their journey in the study of fiqh, as it only covers the subjects of purification and prayer.

The work is split in to three parts:

i) Translation of the text alongside the original Arabic

ii) Commentary of the text with detailed referencing, based on the notes of Shaykh Yahya bin Muhammad al-Mulla

iii) Appendices consisting of materials such as:  Supplications after the prayer, Information regarding al-Ahsa and a previously unpublished treatise on the Hanafi school by a recent senior Hanafi scholar from al-Ahsa.

Please find a sample of parts i) & ii) below:

Please keep an eye out for further information, likewise please feel free to submit any feedback or questions/queries regarding the work.


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3 Responses

  1. Abdul-Latif says:

    Salaam! Has this work ((تحفة المبتدئ)) been published yet? If so, where may we purchase it? jazaaka-Llahu khaira

  2. zaid farooqi says:

    any updates on this work? and also do you know where i can find an electronic copy of Imam Nahlawi’s work on Fiqh of Halal and Haraam in arabic?

    wasalaam wrtwb

  3. Harun says:


    I bought and read this book and it is truly wonderful, very clear and with the proofs also. It welcome contribution to Hanafi fiqh literature in English masha’Allah.

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