Imam al-Dhahabi: Imam Ahmad and Fame

Salam. Another piece of advice from Imam al-Dhahabi. Even in our times some of us have the good fortune to meet scholars whom once we get to know them we realise how learned they are. A number of individuals spring to mind, at their forefront some of the scholars of al-Ahsa who are indeed hidden treasues concealed within their city. May Allah (the Exalted) enable us to meet more of these hidden gems of this ummah.
I will leave readers to reflect over the high character of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and his humility, such that well over 1000 years later we still remember and make mention of him. Allah have mercy on him and all of the believers.
Imam al-Dhahabi said in the biography of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal:
Al-Marwazi said: Ahmad said to me: Tell Abd al-Wahab: Hide your mention, for I have been afflicted/tribulated with fame.
Muhammad bin al-Hasan bin Harun said: I saw that if Abu Abdullah walked in the street he would hate for anyone to follow behind him
Imam al-Dhahabi said:
Preference of obscurity, humility, and much fear is from the signs of taqwa and success.

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