Imam al-Dhahabi: Wake Up

Salam. Another piece of advice worth reflecting over from Imam al-Dhahabi’s work ‘Siyar al-Ialam al-Nubala’. May Allah (the Exalted) facilitate us to translate and post more in the future.
In the biographical entry for Fudayl he said:
Fudayl said: O Miskin! You commit wrong but you think that you are good
You are ignorant but you think you are knowledgeable
You are miserly but you think you are generous
You are a fool but you think you are intelligent
Your time is brief but your hopes are far sighted!
Imam al-Dhahabi said: By Allah this is truth! You are an oppressor but think you are oppressed
You consume the unlawful (haram) but you think you are scrupulous
You are corrupt but you believe you are upright
You seek knowledge for the dunya but you think you sought it for Allah!

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