Reasons for a Name – Sh. Muhammad Abd al-Hayy


I thought I would add a brief note about how Allamah Muhammad Abd al-Hayy al-Kattani came to be named as such, taken once again from ‘Munyah al-Saail’ carefully edited by Dr. Abd al-Majid Khayyali (Allah reward him):

A Fathers Dream
His father Sh. Abd al-Kabir al-Kattani said:

I saw a dream whilst he was in his mothers womb, I saw as if I was by the dome of the Qutb, our Master and Mawlana Idris Allah be pleased with him. A man from from the great awliyah of Allah spoke to me and said: You will have a son, name him Abd al-Hayy, for Allah will give life to the religion by means of him.[1]

Musalsal of a Name
As for his being named Muhammad, this was because he took from his father the pattern chained narration (musalsal) of narrators called Muhammad. Therefore he was named Muhammad Abd al-Hayy in the year 1318.[2]

[1] See al-Mazahir al-Samiyah p.358
[2] Ibid p.346

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