The Prophetic Names

Salam, thought this maybe of interest to those who visit this blog. I came across this whilst looking up some information for the editing of the work mentioned in the previous post.

It should be noted that scholars have paid special attention towards the collating of all of His (Allah bless Him and give Him peace) different names. Sheikh al-Nabahani whilst discussing them mentions:
The seal of the Huffadh Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti authored a treatise called: ‘al-Bahjah al-Saniyyah fi al-Asma al-Nabawiyyah’ in which he compiled around 500 names.
It is mentioned in ‘al-Mawahib’ from the book ‘Ahkam al-Quran’ of Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi that: Allah the Exalted has 1000 names, and the Prophet Allah bless Him and give Him peace has 1000 names.
Al-Qastallani said:…That which I have seen in the words of our Sheikh – meaning al-Hafidh al-Sakhawi- in ‘al-Qawl al-Badi’, al-Qadi Iyad in ‘al-Shifa’, Ibn al-Arabi in ‘al-Qabas’ and ‘al-Ahkam’, Ibn Sayyid al-Nas and others exceeds 400 (names)…from them Imam al-Jazuli mentioned in his ‘Dalail al-Khayrat’ 201 (names). Muntaha al-Sul (1/166-172).

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